WinterWear™ Electric Foot Warmer
WinterWear™ Electric Foot Warmer
WinterWear™ Electric Foot Warmer
WinterWear™ Electric Foot Warmer

WinterWear™ Electric Foot Warmer

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Keep Your Feet Warm and Cozy This Winter! 

WinterWear™ ensures this holiday season is the warmest, cosiest yet! Simply slip your feet into its plush foot pockets and turn up the heat. 

Super Soft and Plush For A Super Warm and Cozy Feel!

WinterWear™ microplush material gives you the softest, most soothing experience for your feet

100% Natural And Soothing Heat For Your Health! 

WinterWear™ relieves sore and swollen muscles, dryness, cracks, and chronic pain brought on by the cold! Improves blood circulation and mood so you stay productive and festive through cold weather! 

Perfect Solution To Chilly Winter Nights!

Easy to Use Remote With 5 Heat Settings!

With WinterWear™, you get perfect warmth in one click! Keep your feet toasty and warm at home, in the office, or just in bed!

“My feet like to go numb, so this sort of heating pad is a godsend. The pad is extremely soft on both the inside and the outside.  The heat in this magical molten pillow of happiness seems to cycle somehow. Just when you feel like it's cooling down it'll fire up again.” 

Why Choose WinterWear™ Electric Foot Warmer?

  • Keep your feet warm and cozy in ice-cold weather! 
  • Get rid of freezing feet to keep warmth spreading all over your body 
  • Microplush material for the softest feel!
  • Improves blood circulation and mood
  • Prevents muscle pain, dryness and cracks, and arthritis due to cold weather!
  • Easy to use remote with 5 heat settings! 
  • Automatic off function protects you from overheating
  • No more nasty burns from too-hot warmers



    1x WinterWear™ Electric Foot Warmer

    1x Power Cable

    2x Wormwood Bag

    1x User Guide

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