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Voice activated LED Mask

Voice activated LED Mask

Voice activated LED Mask

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This mask lights up whenever there are noises around😍

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What are the Features?

Sound responsive lithium modulator: The modulator is powered by a lithium-ion battery.

Adjustable Sounds Sensitivity: LED light will be changed by the different environment. You will become an amazing shining star at the party.

Adjustable straps: The straps are easy to set up and fits any head size. Hidden cable: The cable is now completely hidden inside the strap.

Protective foam: A 1mm piece of high-density foam. Phosphorus layer: Phosphorus ink screen printed on a translucent conductor.

Printed design: High quality printed colors applied on a PWB layer.

Sound Activated Mask - Sound Reactive Led Mask

Sound Reactive LED Mask

You can turn it on and off yourself too!

 Sound Reactive LED Mask


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