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Snow Claw™ Emergency Car Traction Chain

Snow Claw™ Emergency Car Traction Chain

Snow Claw™ Emergency Car Traction Chain

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Turn regular tires into snow tires! Snow Claw™ Emergency Car Traction Chain is an clip on accessory for your car tires!

Handy Gear Is Perfect For Road Trips!

Easy To Use

With adjustable tension straps, easily mount to the tire without anyone’s help. Guarantees quick installation & removal, perfect for roadside emergencies!

 Ideal for All Types of Terrain.

It protects you not only from skidding in the snow but also in mud, sand, and slush! When stuck, install this for a quick & easy escape.

Can Easily Replace Traditional Snow Tires!

High-Quality Traction Gear

This rugged gear is made of high-quality TPU and wear-resistant non-slip nails. Which offers the best performance for: anti-skidding, breaking the ice and gripping the road. 

Be Safe On The Most Slippery Road!

Save Money Every Winter

Come winter season, this handy tool is perfect for storing in your trunk when travelling! Never waste your money on seasonal tires again! 

"Living in Utah means a LOT of snow. This makes me feel safe when I want to drive up our canyons after a winter storm. I know I have a backup plan if an emergency arises and I love the peace of mind it has given me! "

Why choose Snow Claw™ Emergency Car Traction Chain?

  • Turn your regular tires into a snow tire
  • Works For All Conditions & Terrain: Mud, Sand, Ice, Snow
  • Easy To Install In Seconds. 
  • Perfect For Roadside Emergencies
  • Save Hundreds Of Money With This Need Trick For Tires!
  • Drive Safely & Confidently This Winter!


1 x Snow Claw™ Emergency Car Traction Chain

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