Retrocase 2.0 (36 Games Built-In)
Retrocase 2.0 (36 Games Built-In)
Retrocase 2.0 (36 Games Built-In)
Retrocase 2.0 (36 Games Built-In)
Retrocase 2.0 (36 Games Built-In)
Retrocase 2.0 (36 Games Built-In)

Retrocase 2.0 (36 Games Built-In)

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Here it is! You have found the most amazing and fun iPhone case on the market!!🎮🎮🎮

Imagine flipping your iPhone over and being able to travel back in time. Now, you can! Let's take it back to the late 80's and early 90's with Super Mario, ExciteBike, Pac-Man and all those other games you would skip homework for. 8-Bit Nostalgic Fun!

✔ Ultimate bumper and screen protection to keep your phone safe from the roughest conditions while also boasting a modern slim and sleek design. Ensures your phone is safe from any drop.

✔ Helps to save battery life on your phone by evading the use of your phone apps and programs. Stay entertained on long trips and commutes.  - INCLUDES USB CHARGING CABLE

✔ Crisp and clear graphics with instant button feedback to provide a seamless gaming experience with a long-lasting battery to keep the fun going.

✔ Makes the PERFECT gift for any video game enthusiast.

🎮 Super Contra 
🎮 Super Mario Bros.
🎮 Tetris 
🎮 Bomberman 
🎮 Donkey Kong 
🎮 Excitebike 
🎮 Galaga 
🎮 Kung Fu 
🎮 Arkanoid 
🎮 Pac Man 
and many more......Operational notes:  To turn off the phone case, hold the on/off button for three seconds

This Case is NOT Sold in Stores

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