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Nordic Magnetic Perpetual Calendar🗓

Nordic Magnetic Perpetual Calendar🗓

Nordic Magnetic Perpetual Calendar🗓

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A New Calendar.🗓
Simply move the magnetic balls to mark the day, date and month.😍

✨Are you looking for a calendar that not only gives you a better visual experience but has a traditional look?🤔

Or are you fed up with buying upgraded calendar every year and searching for a reusable and eco-friendly calendar to approach happiness and productivity?😎

If yes, try this Nordic Magnetic Perpetual Calendar with a unique moving mechanism. It never ends. Yes! It’s true. This single calendar will last for all the coming years from now.💖💖💖


Nordic Magnetic Perpetual Calendar


🗓Creative and Artistic: A perfect artistic piece of decoration side by side an accurate calendar to add more charm to the overall interior. The contrast color combination of the calendar adds more joy and uniqueness anywhere you put it – from your living room to the bedroom.

🗓Premium Construction: Made of high-quality ABS plastic, cotton thread, and THREE round magnet balls. It's scratch-resistant, and its printed dates and months never fade even after years of use. 

🗓Easy to Use: It needs little manual toggle to move three magnetic balls according to the month, period, and date. That’s it. The first ball with cotton thread is for months, the second ball on the rod points out the date, and the third ball on the ring shows days. 

🗓Portable: Gives you more placing options according to your space requirements. You can fix it on the desktop, office desk, and anywhere in your home or office. And can mount it to the wall for easy date tracking.

🗓Amazing Gift Idea: With all the amazing features and a completely decent and creative outlook, you can choose this Nordic Magnetic Perpetual Calendar as a gift for your loved ones on Christmas, birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation party, and all other occasions. They will adore it by all means.

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Nordic Magnetic Perpetual Calendar

Item Specifications:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of ABS plastic, cotton thread, and magnet
  • Gives the accurate date, time, and period
  • Round ring refers to month and days marks
  • Rod refers to the date 

Nordic Magnetic Perpetual Calendar

 True Dimensions:

230 mm x 25 mm (9.05 in x 0.98 in) 

Nordic Magnetic Perpetual Calendar

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