MassageMe Electric Bra

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Don’t Feel Pressured To Do A Breast Plastic Surgery To Get The Breasts You Always Wanted

With This Electric Massager Bra, You Can Do As Little As 10 Minutes/Day Treatments And See Results In A Few Weeks!

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All The Scientific Facts!


Bigger breasts -- Massaging your breasts regularly helps in increasing the size of your bosom. Many studies show that women with perfect breast size are more confident than the ones who have smaller ones.


Increases blood circulation -- Massaging breasts increases blood flow, keeping your bosom in good health.


⚡Prevents sagging -- Regular massaging of breasts also prevents sagging. It firms the breast muscles and your breasts look toned.


⚡Reduces the risk of breast cancer -- Studies show that massaging breast fights against breast cancer. This is because it encourages blood flow and helps in producing a female hormone that expels cancer cells.


⚡You look younger -- Massaging your breasts stimulates the endocrine system that secretes youthful hormones. Breast massaging produces prolactin, oxytocin, and estrogen, the anti-aging hormones that make you look younger.


⚡Relieves stress and depression -- Breast massaging also produces the ‘love hormone’ Oxytocin, which helps in lowering stress and depression levels.

Electric Bra Massager


Usage Instructions:


1⃣ With a clean towel to clean the massage bra, you can choose to wear a massage bra in the chest, a tight-fitting bra in clothes or chest size, and in accordance with the adjustment of the massage bra.


2⃣ Turn on the power switch controller in the “Vibrate” mode, the green light corresponding to the vibration modes. Pull the intensity switch, the dynamic controller can choose freely: strong, medium or weak "Three vibration modes. Pulling to" close "the state, green consumers stopped vibrating.


3⃣ Automatic shutdown after fifteen minutes, switching the power to the “pull out” position, “Power” to the “Vibrate” position can be restarted.



1⃣ Insert a pin input AC power rectifier, then the power switch “pulls” a red light, charging the battery for about 12 hours.


2⃣ After charging, the rectifier must be pulled out to protect the battery life.