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Kids Shockproof Camera

Kids Shockproof Camera

Kids Shockproof Camera

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Our 1080p HD camera was designed to give your little one the awesome ability to explore their creativity in the digital world! Not only that but its completely childproof; Meaning drop resistant, and wear and tear-resistant!


What Child doesn't dream of having their own camera?! Our camera implements amazing features such as face tracking, filters, 1080p HD camera, continuous filming, and pictures!


Imagine how excited your little one would be receiving their own camera! What parent doesn't love to see their little one ecstatic over an awesome gift! Our camera has you covered! Your little one will go crazy over taking home videos, and pictures of all their friends, the best part is you can retrieve all the photos and videos on your computer!


Our camera has built-in filters! With built-in filters, they can go crazy being creative and tailoring it to their preference! Who doesn't like options to choose from right? 


Our amazing camera has quick USB charging! Plug it directly into a USB slot for quick and efficient charging! This will allow your little one to start shooting immediately and whenever they want!

Colours! We offer three colors; Blue, Green, and Pink! This means you have options to choose from for your little one's favorite color!

If this isn't a gift that will make your child jump up and down, get wildly excited and want to show ALL their friends, we're not sure what is! Especially for the low price

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