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Kids Friendly Magic Tap

Kids Friendly Magic Tap

Kids Friendly Magic Tap

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Magic Tap - Spill Proof Automatic Drink Dispenser

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 magic tap automatic drink dispenser

Magic Drink Dispenser Tap allows you to pour your favorite beverages quickly and easily without making a mess!

 Magic Tap is your spill proof solution! Magic Drink Dispenser Tap is a Spill Proof Automatic Drink Dispenser. Lifting heavy drink containers can be difficult, especially for little ones, and make it very hard to pour without spilling. Now, with Magic Tap, the kids can pour their own juice and even milk in their cereal without spilling! The powerful battery operated motor is the secret to Magic Tap, it draws your drink up the super straw and then out the spout without spilling a drop. It couldn't be easier!

We've all seen how easy Magic Drink Dispenser Tap is to use, here's a recap...

Step 1: Insert into bottle

Step 2: Adjust over opening

Step 3: Dispense your drink


Magic Tap Features...

  • No more spills or drips

  • Kids can get their own drinks

  • No more lifting heavy drink containers

  • Powerful battery operated motor

  • Universal cap that fits most containers

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