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Hooded Eyelid Shaping Tool

Hooded Eyelid Shaping Tool

Hooded Eyelid Shaping Tool

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Make your eyes look bright and attractive!

✔Introducing our Double Eyelid Magic Gel a non-surgical tool for creating double eyelids to make your eyes bigger and more attractive. Achieve a deep and natural double eyelid, make eyes more beautiful and eyes seem rounder and larger.

Magic Double Eyelid Cream

Make ideal double eyelid by sticking deeply inside the desirable eyelid crease. 

👌Temporary lubrication to the eye

✅Dries quickly,

😎Sets the glue between the skin folds of your eyelid.

Magic Double Eyelid Cream

A combination of placenta extract, collagen and Hyaluronic acid creating a close skin material making it soft together with a gentle formula making it an easy discharge makeup and won’t hurt your eye muscles. It contains no fragrance and no color and is latex-free.

Magic Double Eyelid Cream

✅INSTANT EYELID LIFT – Shape & transform your eyes with eyelid tape NO pain or risk of surgery, create an up eye youthful lift to your eyelids.

Magic Double Eyelid Cream

✅NATURAL LIFT – Gently supports and shapes eyelids. 

NON-STICKY & INVISIBLE – Does not interfere with daily activities. The gel is invisible and non-sticky, all you can see is how defined and bright your lifted eyelids are.

Magic Double Eyelid CreamEASY APPLICATION – The gel provides temporary lubrication to the eye lift, dries quickly. The plastic tool that helps to set the glue between the skin folds of your eyelids.

✅ SAFELY FORMULATED – Contains moisturizing ingredient called plant generated collagen. No fragrance or color added.

Magic Double Eyelid CreamLONG-LASTING – One-time application can last for a whole day without adjustment. Not affected by sweat, water, or active movement. 

WORKS FOR EVERYONE – Men, women, any skin type and color/shade.


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