2-Second DIY Curl-Former

$32.99 $45

You No Longer Need More Time To DIY Curl Your Hair To Avoid Heat Damage!

Because we know, with trying to protect our hair from heat comes the inconvenience of having to take more time to curl the hair without heat!

DIY curlers are always a healthier option for your hair compared to a heated curler, but always take more time for the manual work. But what about combining the ease of use AND heat protection together in one product?!

This 2-Step DIY Curler Literally has two steps:

  1. Put the hook in the curler
  2. Pull your hair through the curler using the hook

2 Seconds: Unlike the old style of manually curling everything yourself, to curl one section of hair literally takes 2 seconds = Curl your entire hair in less than 10 minutes! 

Happy & Healthy Hair: NO MORE heat damage. Period.

Wake Up With Curls: The curlers are soft meaning they won’t bother you much. But for extra comfort, tie your entire head with a comfortable scarf and go to bed, to wake up to beautiful curls.

Natural Looking Curls/Waves: Create a soft elongated spiral curly wave to give you a soft beachy, textured look, use to the root or halfway down for a soft tousled bends to the ends of the hair.

How To Use:

  1. Put the hook through the curler
  2. Make sure your hair is damp & moisturized 
  3. Get as close to your scalp, then hold that section of hair and use the hook to pull your hair through the curler
  4. If there is any pulling or snagging during the application process this is because the section of hair is too large for the hook.
  5. Leave to dry completely, remove and style!


Note: Each package comes with 18 pieces of curlers and a hook. Feel free to order more than one unit at a discounted price if you need more!