🔌Electric Lint Remover🔌
🔌Electric Lint Remover🔌
🔌Electric Lint Remover🔌
🔌Electric Lint Remover🔌
🔌Electric Lint Remover🔌
🔌Electric Lint Remover🔌
🔌Electric Lint Remover🔌

🔌Electric Lint Remover🔌

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You Know All the Fuzzy Stuff on your Clothes?😕

Instead of plucking them by hand one by one, this solves the problem in under a minute!

🧡You’ll be amazed at  how easy it is to renew your knitwear. 

🧡Electric Fabric Defuzzer gently removes fuzz, lint and pilling without damaging your old garments. 

🧡 Simply glide it over the fabric surface for smooth and even results.

Awesome Features!

Efficient 3-Blade Design  – Adjust to fabric types  to removes fuzz, lint and pilling   quick with minimum effort. No damage will incur to your delicate woolen, linen, cotton, or lycra clothes.
Intelligent Safety Lock  – When the head cover is opened, the blade will not rotate even if the switch is turned on  for safety reasons.

Detachable Fuzz Collector  –  for quick and convenient cleaning.

Easy-Grip Handle  – for comfortable, prolonged use.

Work on All Types of Fabric   –  Including sweater, couch, blanket, curtain, socks, legging, wool, cashmere and so on.

Direction of Use

  1. Simply switch the defuzzer on and gently run the shaving head on fabric surface.
  2. After shaving, detach the lint storage box to release the pilling.


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