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3D Print Saturn LED Night Lamp🪐

3D Print Saturn LED Night Lamp🪐

3D Print Saturn LED Night Lamp🪐

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Enjoy watching a glowing Saturn lamp in your room at night, while you dive deep in your thoughts🪐✨

There's a reason why Saturn is called the most beautiful planet in the solar system - the beautiful rings that surround it is definitely spectacular, right? Too bad you can't really see it unless you have a high-powered backyard telescope.

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Well, Saturn is now within your reach. Literally.  


🪐 Beautifully 3D printed with a wooden display stand
🪐 Touch control - tap to turn on/off the light as well as change the color
🪐 USB rechargeable - fast and convenient
🪐 Available in 3 colors and 16 colors ( please select from the drop-down menu above)

    Package includes: 

          • 1 x 3D Print Saturn LED Night Lamp
          • 1 x charging cable
          • 1 x lamp holder
          • 1 x remote control 


          • Material: PLA material used for lampshades
          • Dimension: 22 x 13 cm
          • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
          • Voltage: 5V
          • Charging Input: DC 5V/1A
          • Charging Port: USB/DC2.5V

            We've brought Saturn closer to you!🪐 Enjoy

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