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Pregnancy Care Band

Pregnancy Care Band

Pregnancy Care Band

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As your baby bump grows, more stress is put on your lower back and lumbar regions which is being pulled down by the belly weight. This pregnancy belt gives support to the lower back by redistributing weight & pressure more evenly. Designed to gently cradle your growing baby, it also relieves pressure on your bladder; meaning less trips to the toilet.

SUPPORT - Wraps around your belly and waist which lessens the burden of pregnancy weight.


    LOWER BACK HEALTH - Supports the lower back by redistributing pressure more evenly around the surface area covered by the back support.


      DISCREET - Designed to be both comfortable and discreet, this pregnancy belt can be worn over or under your clothing.


        COMFORT - Relieves pressure on the bladder, meaning less trips to the toilet.


          PREVENTS STRETCH MARKS - Designed to help reduce the chance of developing stretch marks during pregnancy.


            DISCREET AND ADJUSTABLE - The 3-inch wide design is breathable, fully adjustable and thin enough to be hidden under clothing.






            For this maternity belt we recommend you to measure the circumference of your belly (from the lower back to the bottom of your belly which is around the area where the belt will be worn) and choose a belt according to the belt sizes below in the lower range of your measurement in order to plan for belly growth.




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